Wil Parker

Project Manager & Marketing Specialist

About me

I’m the Chief SEO Account Manager for Rankings.io where I work to manage an array of unique and multifaceted law firm based clients. My responsibilities involve optimizing workflow processes, managing internal teams, delegating tasks and implementing effective SEO strategies. I also thrive to continue to push the limits on effective communication techniques and organizational strategies.

As someone with OCD, I harness this personal trait into one of my utmost passions and perfected skill sets - Project Management. With an expertise and personal drive for project planning, workflow optimization, team management and communication strategies. I excel in the ability to carefully drive projects step-by-step, from inception to completion. By implementing new methods of organization and process, I enjoy turning chaos into structure as one of my most favorite professional challenges.

Through the years, I’ve also worked hard to perfect my craft as a Marketing Specialist. I have experience in areas such as SEO, branding, social media and market research. My bread and butter however is in analytics and data. By using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs and more, I work strategically to Identify traffic problems, opportunities and additional views points in order to achieve greater levels of success in the marketing arena.

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Professional Certifications
Google Analytics Advanced CertificationInbound Marketing CertifiedClickminded SEO CertificationGotch SEO Academy 2.0

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